Screwed, Rude, and Tattoed?

Anti-Bush tattoo on head?

BEDFORD, Ind. - Kerra Fowler is a mother of four who decided to wear her opposition to President Bush (news - web sites) on the back of her head. She offered up on eBay her shaved skull for an anti-Bush message and received a tattoo of a large W, complete with a cowboy hat, with a red slash across it after a sympathetic buyer bid $103.50.


Fowler said the winning eBay bidder asked her not to get the tattoo. But she went through with it after she and her husband, Jeremy, came up with the design with a tattoo artist in Bedford, some 20 miles south of Bloomington.

Fowler did accept the money, gave half to the tattoo artist and used the rest to buy beer, pay part of a bill and buy a gift for her children.


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