Jihad Unspun

I'm beginning to wonder if the Kerry Campaign isn't getting their news information about 'Iraq spiraling out of control' from this website: jihadunspun.com

Amongst the stellar reports about US failure in Iraq you can find stories like this about recently beheaded British hostage converting to Islam before his death. Nice touch.

Ken Bigley then offered the Mujahideen something else, he offered to become Muslim and embrace Islam. After a period of consultation (shura) they decided to accept his Islam and freed him from his captivity (although for the purposes of the world he was assumed to be still captive). They advised him that having now embraced Islam, he was not allowed to leave or run-away from the battlefield as that would be tantamount to Kufr Akbar (apostacy). Allaah (swt) says "if the enemy come to you, don’t run away, because they know who they are, where they are, they know everything."

At the same time he was obliged to now fight with the Mujahideen against the British and American occupiers of Iraq, In the mean time the Mujahideen would continue to try to negotiate with the British and seek the release of the Muslim women prisoners held captive in Iraq.

...Yet, after all this, and what the Mujahideen had explained to him, upon being released he decided to escape and run away. It was the big test for him and he failed it. They ordered for his execution to be carried out on the grounds of apostacy from Islam and running away from the battlefield. jihadunspun.com


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