Potential for un-civil war

The democratic party may be setting itself up for complete destruction. In their desperation, I fear many liberals will resort to violence and fraud as a result of being whipped up into a frenzy by their irresponsible party leaders and their own runaway hatred for George W. Bush.

The daily barrage of the Kerry campaign demonizing Bush seems to be having an effect as Bush offices all over the country are broken into, vandalized, and burgled. In addition, I suspect that the election night plans of the Kerry campaign may have more insidious things in store for our republic.

Someone smashed the windows of the Multnomah County Republican office in Southeast Portland on Thursday, perhaps the latest sign some Oregonians have tossed out civility in their zeal to put their man in the White House.

..."It's no surprise that people on the other side tend to act gangsterlike with their violence during this time of year," said Rori Patrise Smith, spokeswoman for Oregon Republican Party Victory 2004.

"I honestly think the tone is set from the top, and you've seen it all over the country," said Lisa Sohn, Oregon spokeswoman for the Kerry campaign. "If you don't agree with these people, it's not OK." oregonlive.com

For instance, the massive registration shenanigans nationwide may be part of a concerted plan to generate false charges of voter disenfranchisement and swing the election to Kerry through the courts (if it's close). As democrats register people who don't exist or reregister voters multiple times, pay people in crack for such registrations, and then have 10,000 lawyers prepositioned to file lawsuits to count votes that are fraudulent, we could be in for a more contentious election battle than what happened in Florida in 2000, and if that happens it will be entirely due to the engineering of the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign.

In Colorado, the Democratic election manual advises operatives to mount 'pre-emptive strikes' on election night and charge voter fraud and intimidation even if there is no evidence of it. Democratic lawyers are demanding that voters be allowed to vote outside of their precincts and without identification, demanding felons have the right to vote. They resist all efforts to ensure 'one man one vote' by advocating the loosest possible voter requirements which leave our elections wide open to fraud and abuse.

What will democrats not do in an effort to regain their power? Unfortunately it's looking as though they will do and say anything because they are convinced that Republicans and George W. Bush really are the fascists they have demogogued for so long.

It saddens me that Democrats would choose such short term political gain over the stability of our very democracy. Not only will it hurt the integrity of our democratic system but it will most likely cost the democratic party the last shred of it's credibility.


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