Clinton's Illegal War/Quagmire

Peace and Democracy fails to take root in the major military intervention of Clinton's presidency.

Behar is an Albanian in Pristina, Branislav a Serb in Mitrovica. Ask them individually about the possibility of Kosovo becoming independent and they have very different views.

Behar says: "If it doesn't happen soon, this place will become a nightmare: more violence."

Branislav says: "If it does happen, then the Balkans will begin another dark chapter of violence."

Either way it seems, you cannot win. Bleak outlook among Kosovo voters


Reportedly fewer than 1% of eligible Serbs cast a vote in the second poll since the UN took over Kosovo in 1999.

UN governor Soren Jessen-Petersen said some had "had their democratic right to vote hijacked" through intimidation. Dismay as Serbs shun Kosovo poll


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