France: Learn Arabic not English

A report on France's educational system recommends making English mandatory. Of course the response to this is that a better language to make compulsory is Arabic. Why? Because, the dominance of english won't last.

In other words, Arabic will soon be the most-spoken language in the world.

We don't call them cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys for nothing.

He told Le Monde: "English is the most-spoken language today, but that won't last."

He said Spanish, Chinese and Arabic were all growing in importance.

"If we must make a language compulsory, it should be Arabic," he said.

Teacher unions are also said to be against the idea, saying existing classes in German, Italian or regional French languages such as Breton would suffer.

During a trip to Vietnam earlier this month, President Jacques Chirac was quoted as saying he was against a world "where we speak only one language".


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