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Think nothing day...

Ancient intensive fishing

A Rather nixonian exit

Mandatory pedestrianism

Bush to the rescue

Superman bad for volunteerism

Shields up!

"new enlightenment" Bush=Hitler

The royalty connection


Chomsky's Law Enforcement 'War on Terror'

Eternal life

3.4 million vote mandate

Where's the outrage?

Honest Reporting

"We are all Palestinians"

Speaking truth to JesusLand?

Buh Bye.

Cheer up Lefties

Terrorist leader finally declared

Is Holland on Red terror alert?

Fallujah hostage slaughterhouse

Michael Moore, a look back

Maddona... err, Esther says just leave Iraq-- now.

Tonight's links of interest

Powerful Hitchens

God will kill Bush...

SFSU intifada

UAV's battle tested

Capitalism's global war on poverty

BBC Reporter cries for Arafat

Incredible Hubris

All the right people

Hope has triumphed.

UN Appeasement

or Burns 2008?

Vader in 2008

French quagmire: Ivory Coast

Arab news roundup

Trans-Sahara Counter Terrorism Initiative

Saddam's illegal weapons

Iran's Military

US French cooperation War on Terror...

Vote or Die?

Zarqawi better run

Unteachable Ignorance

Communist Party of France

Bush Wins!

Democratic Underground Roundup

Sounds like the Democratic party to me.

Chirac snubs Allawi

Iraqi's NATO training in Norway

The real stupidity

The Voice of the American people

Michael Moore's relevance...

What French media bias?

"The insane American night of the bloggers"

No enthusiasm in France

Bush victory not good enough...

Bush WINS!!!

Look out for Moore's 'minutemen'

Media bias?

Voting machines with 'extra' votes