The Liberal Draft continues

Unbelievably, Democrats think that replaying Vietnam is the path to victory. The draft is that crucial historical aspect of their call to resist a war President. Never mind that there is no draft, hasn't been one for years, and will not be one while Bush is president.

I signed up for 'draft updates' at MTV's Rock the Vote, Alliance For Security. Here's my first email:

Dear AFS Member,

I need your help this week. If you read the news at all, it probably seems like things are happening faster than you can grasp them. It seems like every day brings news of some new battle or bombing on the other side of the world. Beyond that though, the draft is on everyone's lips these days.

Every democrats lips you mean.

If you're like me, it probably seems like things are spinning out of control. That is, if you're thinking about it at all. Too many Americans aren't, and that's something that must change. Each day brings new unrest in Iraq. We must be organizing now.

Organizing for what exactly? To put Saddam back in power? To hold vigils supporting Zarqawi's freedom fighters?

Currently, we're on a path that will lead us right back to where we were in Vietnam -- fighting an enemy we can't see, in the setting of a culture we don't understand -- and once again the cost is going to be too many lives lost. If there's any hope of changing the course we're on, Americans have to get over our willingness to "defer" to the powers that be, when it comes to foreign policy issues, instead of finding out for ourselves.

I would point out that Democrats are on the path leading us right back to Vietnam. The rest of us believe in victory and a free and democratic Iraq. Not the Kerry doctrine of getting your picture in the Vietcong Museum of Communist Vietnam war heroes.

The cost of not knowing is too high. It's time to re-open the conversation, get educated, and get engaged in how U.S. foreign policy gets decided and gets implemented. We can't afford not to understand. That's why Alliance for Security is sponsoring the Call to Duty THIS Wednesday, October 20th, at 8:00 PM ET:

Sounds suspiciously like 'tune in, drop out, Timothy Leary crap'.

The Call to Duty is a free national conference call on the effects of our current foreign policy, the possibility of a return to the military draft, and how people can begin to turn things around. On the call I will give an insider's foreign policy briefing, and then open up the call to your questions.

I want as many people as I can reach to know what we're up against and just what they can do about it. I need your help to make that happen. This is the beginning of a critical national dialogue. Please invite your friends and family to join the call this Wednesday. Tell anyone you know who cares, or should care, about U.S. foreign policy and its effects on our world.

Click here to join the Call and invite others right now:

I know there are lots of you out there who care about these issues enough to get informed and take action. Why? Because look what you have done:

You responded to our recent action alert on the rush to vote on the Rangel draft bill in the House of Representatives and have sent 2,849 letters to newspaper editors.

4119 of you sent 11,878 "draft cards" to friends and family reminding them about the possible consequences of U.S. foreign policy.
Over a 1,000 people have signed the AFS/Rock the Vote joint open letter to the DNC and RNC asking them to have each candidate answer the real questions about military preparedness on our minds.

If we're going to get U.S. foreign policy back on the right track, more Americans have to commit to getting educated about the crisis we're in. It starts with you. Join me on the Call to Duty at 8:00 PM Eastern Time this Wednesday, October 20th and find out how we can begin to turn things around.

See you on the call.


Alliance for Security

PS -- After signing up for the call, please take a moment to add your name to the open letter to the DNC and RNC demanding real and honest answers to questions about a possible return to the draft:

To be removed from the Alliance for Security List, just click here. (Note: Don't click if you want to remain on the list)


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