Coming Civil war?

Ready to revisit the 2000 elections? Only this time with a concerted democratic effort to win by lawsuit?

Tom Paine thinks it might be coming.

But just as there is an internal struggle in the Arab/Muslim world over whether Osama's medieval Caliphate is a good idea or not, there is an internal struggle going on in the West over our response to this threat. And again, we see the past trying to destroy the future. The last remnants of the once-powerful Left, having been stripped of their temporal power with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and ideologically threatened by capitalism's ability to deliver ever-rising standards of living instead of collapsing as predicted by Marx, is lashing out at the war, not just the way it is being prosecuted, but whether it ought to be fought in the first place. Or even that there IS a war in the first place!

...No, the enemy I'm referring to are the extreme left Chomskyite idealogues who quite genuinely hate America and hate the West for being what we are. Wealthy, powerful and successful. There are academics, journalists and teachers who want the West to die. They believe we are historically guilty of monstrous crimes, and must for forced to pay for them by being exterminated.


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