Where's the outrage?

Can you imagine the scandal if this happened at the Reagan funeral for instance?

Minister of foreign affairs Joschka Fischer was never treated this disrespectfully abroad: not only that his plane had to fly loops for a very long time. He also had to push his way through a crowd. In the end the Europeans missed the funeral service for Yassir Arafat.

...The french minister of foreign affairs michel barnier was violently pushed against journalists. Wischnewski, who is in a wheelchair, had to be shielded by german security forces to protect him. The european minister of foreign affairs Javier Solanar was also stuck in the crowd.

Since there were many guests missing after the beginning of the main ceremony, a second ceremony was held close to the cairo airport. Like many others, Fischer was not allowed to participate in this ceremony either. lgf

Dhimmitude is the status of infidels under Arab rule. I can't imagine Fischer being so accomodating for the Bush Administration.


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