Look out for Moore's 'minutemen'

When the Democratic Mayor denounced Michael Moore he was CHASED down several city blocks!!

Moore “is a massive liberal gas bag and unfortunately has a following and needs to be counteracted,” said Naugle, whose attitude did not play well with the assembled crowd. After Moore left, a throng of Kerry supporters lashed out at Naugle, chasing him down several city blocks while some screamed, “Bigot!”

Naugle escaped unscathed. hillnews.com

Another indictation that a truly close election may result in violence.

Should today’s result produce a questionable margin of victory for Bush in Florida, four years of repressed Democratic frustration could erupt in violent protest or acts of civil disobedience, observers said.

“There’s no question that emotion is running so high that physical violence isn’t out of the picture,” said Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.). “The Bush and Kerry arguments are going back and forth. People are threatening each other’s beings. A lot of it has to do with 2000 and a lot of pent-up anxiety. At some point, it starts spilling over into the streets.”


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