The real stupidity

Yeah, the daily mirror is dumb. But I consider this even dumber.

How could Bush possibly get elected? After all the Great Depression is ongoing there in America isn't it? Sounds like someone is believing election lies.

Tens of millions of ordinary Americans live in more economic insecurity and enjoy less opportunity as a result of the America he is building. Abroad he is leading his country into a dangerous and unwinnable confrontation with Islamic fundamentalism that obstructs the rooting out of terrorism, whose crassness is exposed daily in the flow of news from Iraq. A grass roots revolt should throw him out of office as an incompetent.


Anonymous said…
America is so fucked up!
Eric Simonson said…
Yeah, it's as if Hitler were in charge or something.

Well, on the bright side, when America falls, liberals will be there to tax it back into prosperity.

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