UN Appeasement

This is the genius organization that Kerry wanted to hand over our foreign policy to. Kofi: "Killing terrorists only makes things worse."

Annan wrote to leaders in Britain, the United States and Iraq's interim government warning a strike on Fallujah risked further alienating Iraqis and disrupting January's elections, diplomats in New York said.

Blunkett said the US-led coalition had to listen to Annan's concerns but added: "I think on this occasion he is entirely wrong.

"If the elections are to take place, if they are to be adjudged to be democratic and if there is to be security and stability and a democratic Iraq in the future, then the terrorists have to be rooted out, both for the Iraqis and for the rest of us," he said.

"If they got their hands on Iraq, they would do what the Taliban did in Afghanistan; they would act as the hosts for the encampments, for the training, for the launch point for those who would kill anybody in our country," he said. yahoo


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