Vote or Die?

How did I miss this? Too much going on in the election I guess.

"I was a little reckless with my comments, to be honest," Diddy said on Tuesday (November 2). "I realized I relinquished my power too early after I educated myself. I shouldn't have said that until I felt that there was somebody that could be better for my people. ... I learned a lot in this process. I learned that my power could be used better. Instead of attacking Bush, it would be better to light a flame under young Americans and let them make the decisions."

A more informed Diddy has been sticking to a bipartisan approach in telling people to register and get out to the polls. The objective of his Citizen Change organization has been simple: They want to educate, motivate and empower, and in the process they've made the phrase "Vote or Die" a household slogan. mtv


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