"The insane American night of the bloggers"

I'm almost accustomed to the backwards english translation of google but here's an interesting article at Le Monde about the 'unreliability' of those 'crazy' bloggers.

With a reference to Little Green Footballs!

For the bloggers, it is an insane night, the test of the fire of the policy on line. What imports prudence that the great media can adopt: on the blogs, rumours, surveys and information with half reliable circulated. But they seem credible, so much so that Wall Street wavers and that brokers, influenced by rumours of victory of the democratic candidate, are agitated and sell. Later, in the night, Matt Drudge retrogresses and delivers high and strong its opinion, photograph of the president to the support: "victorious Bush" . Site headlight of the anti-Bush fight, MoveOn.org, remains quiet with a simple call to the participation of the voters, without offering of follow-up of the evening. Another icon of the dispute, Michael Moore, realizer of documentary Farenheit 9/11 , gold Palm to the last Festival of Cannes, accomodates the messages and comments of the voters who could not vote or who were pilot irregularities.

Some tell their mishaps or those their friends, prevented from voting, because ever registered on the electoral roll of their county in spite of their administrative steps. Lastly, comes time from the comments, rejoicings or concerns. Little Green Footballs , a preserving blog, is delighted in advance by the head that Chirac and Kerry will make when they will learn the victory from Bush and that they will realize that "their post-modern ideologies, morally devaluated were rejected by the Americans" . As for the blog Daylikos , it releases at 6. 47 GMT its last post and its irritation: "More I think of it, more I am irritated that the TVS give results for Ohio whereas they are still clearly undecided. Let us leave these whores votes be counted."


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