No enthusiasm in France

Can google get any more useful? French newspaper translations? Yes.

The French newspaper Le Monde has this story about French reaction to the Bush victory.

It is only at the end of the day, after Mr. Kerry recognized the victory of his adversary, that the French president, Jacques Chirac, reacted to the re-election of Mr. Bush. It congratulated it and said to hope that this second mandate "will be the occasion to reinforce the Franco-American friendship", indicated the Elysium.

"In the name of France and on my personal behalf, I wish to express you my more sharp congratulations for your re-election with the presidency of the United States of America", wrote Mr. Chirac in a letter addressed to his counterpart that it
describe as "dear George".

"It is in a spirit of dialogue, of regard and of respect mutual that must continue to develop our co-operation, our common combat against terrorism and the action which we carry out together to promote freedom and the democracy ", affirmed Mr. Chirac.
"We will not be able to find answers satisfactory to the many challenges with which we are confronted today without a narrow transatlantic partnership. France and the United States have to play an essential role there ", added the French president.

That's the official response, (at the end of the day). The unguarded opinions are less charitable. Even considering that the worst is from the communist party of France!

The first secretary of the socialist Party, François Holland, and chair it UDF, François Bayrou, for their part preached the construction of " stronger" Europe, making re-election of George Bush an argument of countryside for "yes" to the referendum on the European Constitution.

"Europe must be strong compared to America, which, in any case, will try to impose its vision of the world" , François Holland declared.

"If Europe wants to exist, to make hear its voice, it is necessary that it gathers. That will require many efforts ", increased François Bayrou.

Like Hubert Védrine, the president of the UDF admitted that "incomprehension" between two banks of the Atlantic did not concern the only responsibility for George Bush. "It is checked today that actually this orientation was supported by a majority of the American people" , it underlined.

For Henri Emmanuelli, one of the heads of file of the left wing of the PS, the vote in favour of George Bush also corresponds "to a major slip of the United States on the ideological level ", which it considered to be catastrophic " (...) for the world" .


For the Communist Party, the re-election of George Bush is a "very bad news for all the people of the world ", because "it is the candidate of the warlike higher bid, the unilateralism and American hegemony" .

"Bush is a dangerous man for his country and its country became dangerous for the whole of the world" , estimated the deputy Vert Noël Mamère. "the mode of Bush is an authoritative mode which exploits (...) the fear of the war and terrorism ". Yves Contassot, spokesman national of the movement ecologist, had spoken before about "black Tuesday" and a "day of mourning for the democracy, peace and the environment ".

Deputy UMP Herve Mariton, in favour of the intervention in Iraq, estimated that the re-election of the outgoing president was "a good news, not only for the United States but for France and the world ", while wishing that the Bush administration have "in heart to correct" a "certain number of faults and made errors these last years" .

"Obviously I delighted by this result" , his/her liberal colleague Alain Madelin increased. "Vis-a-vis the hyperterrorism and with the threat of Islamic Fascism, one needs the engagement of the American power (...). I that the world has need of a gendarme and fear of the gendarme" it added.


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