Sounds like the Democratic party to me.

"An end to the rule of profit, for a socialist society to meet the needs of all."

Oh, looks like they're supporting Ralph Nader. Probably Green Party members moonlighting.

The Democratic Underground Horde, or D.U.H., is busy in their 'fantasy world of spin' delegitimizing the Bush victory with conspiracy theories. Hee, hee.

First of all, this election was definitely rigged. I have no doubt about it. It's a statistical impossibility that Bush got 8 million more votes than he got last time. In 2000, he got 15 million votes from right-wing Christians, and there are approximately 19 million of them in the country. They were eager to get the other 4 million. That was pretty much Karl Rove's strategy to get Bush elected. D.U.H.


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