Chirac snubs Allawi

But French President Jacques Chirac — dubbed Le Worm — was doing his best to scupper bridge-building.

He will snub a meeting with Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi in Brussels today. It is a sleight aimed at Mr Bush and Tony Blair, who back Mr Allawi.

Chirac — who tried to stop the war to topple Saddam Hussein — will leave Brussels before the new Iraqi leader arrives.

However Chirac DID find time to visit Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in hospital yesterday.

Meanwhile, Mr Blair was working to heal rifts over Iraq, and flew to Brussels to rally EU leaders.

Last night he called on Europe’s leaders to end their “state of denial” over Mr Bush’s election win.

He told The Times countries against the war must now work with the US.

The PM said: “The election has happened. America has spoken. The rest of the world should listen.

“It is important that America listens to the rest of the world too.

“The fact is that President Bush is there for four years. Some people are in a sort of state of denial.”


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