Un allié des Etats-Unis?

A fine photoshop. I'm sure it will do wonders for international relations.


Anonymous said…
It is good you share your view... My blog has showed myself to me...even if it is a little bit, it is great already...

Your perspective of things seems to be quite firm...
Which like every other perspective sort of "draws" the reality we deal with.

Hope you have a good ride at your vision journey and wish you (and to the rest of the inhabitants of this world) the best.

...and... one good way of obtaining a better relation with the other inhabitants of this world...is achieving better contact with them; building trust, understanding their needs, exchanging commerce and culture, etc.
That allows long term and safer cohabitation at each time closerly interconnected planet.
Eric Simonson said…
Thanks. I appreciate your comment. I really do.

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