Kerry's America... in Canada. (photo)

U.S. draft dodgers to be honored in Nelson, B.C.

USA - Artists and activists in Nelson, British Columbia, have announced plans for a monument and festival to honor U.S. draft dodgers who fled to Canada.

(AP) - The celebration, dubbed ``Our Way Home,'' is set for July 8th and 9th, 2006. Festival director Isaac Romano says the purpose is to recognize the ``legacy of Vietnam War resisters and the Canadians who helped them resettle in this country.''

Dennis Klein, a sculptor and teacher at Kootenay School of the Arts, and artist Naomi Lewis have been chosen to make a bronze memorial depicting Canadians embracing the hands of American resisters.

I guess there's some truth in that saying, "America, Love it or leave it," after all.

Mark Nykanen, a U.S. war resister and four-time Emmy Award winner for investigative journalism who lives in Nelson, said he looked forward to Our Way Home. "I see the concert as an opportunity to continue to encourage war resisters from the United States to resist the militarism which seems to be taking over my native land," Nykanen said.


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