Iraq is a domestic issue?

In an effort to turn his campaign away from National Security and onto domestic issues where democrats are supposed to have an edge, Kerry is now saying that Iraq is draining funds for domestic programs.

"200 billion dollars. That's what we are spending in Iraq because George Bush chose to go it alone," Kerry says in the ad, to start airing Monday in 13 competitive states where he is on the air. "Now the president tells us we don't have the resources to take care of health care and education here at home. That's wrong."

Suggesting that Bush ignored domestic ills while focusing on the war abroad, Kerry says: "As president, I'll stop at nothing to get the terrorists before they get us. But I'll also fight to build a stronger middle class."

Yes, back to the old tried and true, "Vote for me, I'll give you stuff."

At least ABC tries to do a little fact checking in this article.

...Bush has never said there's no money for education or health care. Kerry's campaign bases the claim on its interpretation of Bush's budget proposals for education and reports of rising health care premiums.


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