Illegal and immoral

The reactionary forces of the left continue to slander Bush and put forth their anti-american anti-capitalist bias.

The Bush Administration is using the military invasion and occupation of Iraq to advance a corporate globalization agenda that is illegal under international law, has not been chosen by the Iraqi people and may ultimately prove to be even more devastating than twelve years of economic sanctions, two U.S.-led wars and one occupation. The Administration's ultimate goal is to take the agenda to the entire region.

I suppose the regime of Saddam Hussein was legitimate and chosen by the Iraqi people. After all they did have an election. Saddam received 100% of the vote as I remember.

The real crime they see being committed here? Capitalism.

The goal of the Bush Administration, as stated in the economic orders already enacted in Iraq is to, "transition [Iraq] from a ... centrally planned economy to a market economy."

..."It should be clearly understood that the efforts undertaken will be designed to establish the basic legal framework for a functioning market economy; taking appropriate advantage of the unique opportunity for rapid progress in this area presented by the current configuration of political circumstances... Reforms are envisioned in the areas of fiscal reform, financial sector reform, trade, legal and regulatory, and privatization."

Transformation of an occupied country's fundamental laws is illegal under international law.

We must keep Saddam's laws in place? Please. It seems anything goes to stop capitalism.


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