Hanoi Jane endorses Hanoi John

I'm not surprised. Are you? I wasn't previously aware that vagina's vote though.

Colonel(RET). Robert Powell probably isn't either:

I served in a recon platoon and three infantry rifle companies during three tours in Vietnam. We neither committed or observed any of the atrocities that Kerry testified under oath before Congress were the norm among American troops. In 1971, I was wounded for a seventh time.

In 1971, John Kerry was working with Jane Fonda aiding the enemy that we were fighting. The protesters that they led were burning American Flags and carrying pictures of Ho Chi Minh and communist flags. The next year, propaganda posters could be found all over Vietnam's jungles of Fonda wearing an enemy uniform, manning an antiaircraft weapon in Hanoi, and of Kerry leading a demonstration in Washington and at Valley Forge. What kind of leader politics to go home early with three scratches leaving his men behind, and joins Hanoi Jane?

In 1971, Kerry published a book that was pro-Hanoi and whose cover, with the American Flag being raised upside down by seven hippies, mocked the flag raising at Iwo Jima. His book and speeches trashed an entire generation of the United States Armed Forces who fought in Vietnam. Most despicable of all, Kerry traveled to Paris twice to coordinate with and give hope to a communist delegation from Hanoi. zwire.com


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