1% campaign

Ok, so I am a chauvanist pig. I was unaware that vaginas vote. Did you know vaginas vote? I didn't know. Who knew?

Well now that I know, I'm wondering what to do with this information. I'm going to continue perusing the V-day.org website in the hopes of finding some juicy tidbits of information. (That's getting close to crossing the line, I know.)

On thing that perplexes me is the V-Day: 1% campaign.

The 1% Campaign is a diverse group of individuals, communities and organizations who demand that 1% of the U.S. defense budget be directed toward the safety and security of women and girls, in addition to the vital funds we need to maintain the shelters, rape crisis centers and hotlines that help women and girls survive each day.

Now excuse me if I think back to what we've done in Afghanistan and Iraq, but couldn't we consider that 100% of our defense budget is going toward that cause right now? And why is it that the defense budget needs to be drawn down for liberal causes? Why not divert 1% of, oh I don't know, the Health and Human Services budget to stopping violence against women? Do you think there are any 'programs' like that already under way in any government department?

In New York City this week as part of her "Vaginas Vote" campaign to register women to vote, she and other feminist stars headlined a rally at Harlem's Apollo Theater Monday night.

...Saying Bush's decision to go to war was based on "a lie," Fonda complained, "I agree with the military experts who say it's a quagmire."

The America-bashing actress then urged voters to back Kerry over Bush, saying: "I don't think there's ever been such a clear choice between radicalism and moderation. I mean, we are dealing with a radical ideologue here." newsmax.com

Oh well. Liberating a few million women from the Taliban and ending Saddam's oppressive regime is not worthy of praise in the left's handbook. It's 'radicalism'.


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