Swift Boat Memo

I have been given a document of profound importance regarding Kerry's service in Vietnam. Read this astounding document, typed in Kerry's own words, that proves Kerry committed henious war crimes while in Vietnam.

Kerry Memo

This memo has been examined by several document experts and a psychiatrist to attest that Kerry's current imbalance matches that of the writer of this memo. It does. Unequivocably.

No doubt about it this memo is real. Yes, sir. Totally, authentic. Completely, un-bogus.

What's that you say? Comic sans font? What about it? What do you mean there was no comic sans font in 1969? Don't be ridiculous. Of course, If you can't refute the facts try to divert attention away from the central issue of Kerry's war crimes. Sure. If that's your game I'm not buying.


Anonymous said…
To think that you would have everyone believe that this memo is the "real thing" is just plain stupid! It only proves what you "Bushies" will do to cover up your miserable and incompetent leader.
Eric Simonson said…
You're absolutely right Anonymouse. Forged documents such as this does prove that certain partisan actors will do anything to cover up their miserable and incompetent leader/candidate.
Anonymous said…
ROTFLOL!!!!! Ishouldn't have scrolled down. I was so excited after I read it. I thought you found the smoking gun! That was fuuuuuny to me!!
Anonymous said…
I don't need to be anonymous,I just don't have a password. The ROTFLOL post is averagejoe.
proud to be your ally on this site Eric.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, where's the name option for posting a comment? I guess you have to have a blogger profile?

Anyway, thank you averagejoe. I'm glad to have allies. Of course being unilateral is ok too.

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