Revolutionary Worker

Does it get any better than this? "Dictatorship and Democracy, & the Socialist Transition to Communism," by Bob Avakian. Sweet, sweet communists, Oh how I love to read thy rants.

To make this possible, that the masses of people, and not just a relative handful, can and will do these things, will take a conscious consistent and determined struggle to overcome inequalities that have been handed down to us by capitalist society and thousands of years of unequal and oppressive relations in society and in the world as whole. Overcoming all that cannot happen without a system of political rule that gives the masses of people the right and the power to do this, and to prevent the overthrown exploiters or others from sabotaging and wrecking this process. Once again, this system of political rule is the dictatorship of the proletariat. And all this cannot happen without a vanguard of the proletariat to lead it in carrying out this complicated and often very intense struggle to bring about these changes in society and in the world.

Yardley where are you! was formerly commiewatch.

The Revolutionary Worker. Take a look. It's entertaining.


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