'Budget' battle is anything but

The recent spat called a 'budget' battle by some and now universally used by Democrats and supposed Republicans to paint Ted Cruz and the Tea Party as 'destroying' the country for almost 'defaulting' on our nation's debt is riddled with lies and distortions.

Our federal government hasn't passed a budget in years. "The last time the Senate passed a budget was on April 29, 2009" Is this how our country is run now? Seems like our elite rulers are trying hide something here. Why no budget? And why the outrageous deception?

They talk about passing a budget deal, but they haven't passed a budget. WTF? They passed a continuing resolution to continue spending without a yearly budget!

We need a revolution. We need reform. We need to throw out these corrupt clowns who do nothing without enriching themselves first and who shaft the american people while proclaiming themselves our saviors and benevolent benefactors.


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