Armor for Humvees

World's defense budget.

It is an expensive program, though, the general admitted. "As you look at our forecast both of what we have already spent and what we're immediately forecasting to spend here over the next six or eight months or so, it's several billion dollars."

According to Speakes, "several" is exactly $4.1 billion dollars.

I'm calling a bluff on this 'Rumsfeld must resign' because 'there is no armor protecting our troops'. I want to see the left stand up and ask congress for more money in next year's budget for defense.

Historically it is the left saying our troops can do with less.

I feel certain that before too long I will be able to point out Democrats once again calling for budget cuts for one sector, and one sector only, of the Federal Budget to be cut. That being the military.


Gindy said…
Right on the money.
Eric Simonson said…
Right on.


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